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“RuScience” publishing house is looking to cooperate with scientific schools at HEIs, sectoral institutions and other scientific networks. Among our partners there are leading book publishing companies, the oldest sectoral universities, scientific associations, prestigious educational establishments and not only.

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Becoming “RuScience” publishing house partner, you get the possibility to place the information about your institution on our website: area of interest, scientific developments and research, news about ongoing scientific interventions (conferences and seminars). We propose you to publish collections of papers, scientific articles and talking points and reports of conferences held in your scientific establishment.

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Established in 1993, “Knorus” publishing house holds a leading position in publishing and dissemination of educational and business literature. This publishing house has a variety — more than 1500 items — of materials for secondary and higher educational institutions, meeting the State educational standards requirements and classified by the Moscow State University of Printing Arts, the Federal Institute of Educational Development, and Educational and methodological association of educational organizations.

Federal State Budget Educational University, training specialists of higher and intermediate vocational education for railway transport and other economic branches.

BOOK.ru — a licensed library which proposes scientific and educational materials from the key Russian higher education teachers. The materials of the library are chosen in response to recommendation of the new Federal State education standards for secondary and higher education. BOOK.ru is frequently updated with recent compendium. BOOK.RU — Electronic Library System is publishing books on the website well in advance of their printing. The materials are accessible for limitless number of users from all corners of the globe on Internet Wide Web.

Moscow State Institute for Tourism Industry — the oldest institution of higher education, formatting cadres in the fields of economic sectors, science and culture in the tourist industry, hotel and restaurant business.

Moscow Banking Institute — educational establishment, training professional staff and undertaking scientific studies in the area of financial services.

“Cybernetics” scientific and educational centre engages in activities improving mental capacity and meeting the Chairs inquiries, interested structural subdivisions, university graduates, students, trainee in the areas of informatics, mathematics, statistics, measuring and forecasting, cyber-security, managing knowledge, data-processing techniques, both at home or abroad. A structural unit of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Institute of the International Law and Economics named after A.S. Griboedov provides the highest quality education in the following areas: economic education, linguistic education, management and jurisprudence. The educational institution offers undergraduate, graduate and specialty courses as training levels.

An educational institution specializing in formatting cadres of key economic areas of Russia. Demanded areas of study are the following: hydrocarbon raw materials refining and alternative fuel, bioengineering and nanomaterials, design and optimization of hydrocarbons exploitation and the others. There are the leading Russian sectoral companies Rosneft, Gazprom, Transneft, Lukoil among the partners of this educational institution.

“Finances” scientific school is a structural unit of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. “Finances” scientific school specializes in studying different methods for improving the state of the financial sector of the Russian Federation in the context of the development of globalization trends.

Russian Academy of Engineering specializes in the study of problems and issues of the most significant technical and scientific sectors: aviation, defense, hydraulic engineering, engineering, metallurgy, oil and gas, etc. Among the teaching staff here you can find scientists from Russia and abroad, engineers, universities and institutes, enterprises and research institutions.

The focus of Scientific and educational centre activity is the implementation of: the best innovational Russian and international forms of vocational training and retraining in various business administration areas; scientific achievements of the school “Management theories and technologies”. An educational institution regularly conducts applied and fundamental research, then commercializes the results of scientific activities. The Center considers one of the most important goals of its activities to strengthen international cooperation among members of the scientific community and educational institutions.

Centre of health technologies is a structural unit of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. This educational institution specializes in training in the following areas: functional training, healthy activities, recreational gymnastics, and other course options offered.

Moscow College of Instrument Engineering is a structural unit of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, specializing in the training of qualified mid-level specialists. The educational institution boasts half a century of experience (Moscow College of Instrument Engineering will celebrate its eightieth birthday in 2020), a gigantic database of accumulated scientific knowledge. The institution trains top-notch network administrators, programmers and electronic engineers.

Moscow technological College of nutrition appeared in 1929, and today it is considered to be one of the best educational institutions of the Russian Federation with impressive experience and the established traditions of training qualified specialists receiving secondary education. Moscow technological College of nutrition is a structural unit of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

The scientific school “Human resource management” specializes in research and training of qualified specialists. The institution considers its main task to carry out research activities, prepare candidates and Doctors of Science, and create the latest services. The institution also develops creative approaches to the work of young scientists and researchers.

Institute of the CIS countries is the only scientific institution of its kind in Russia that fully studies the social, economic, political phenomena and processes taking place in the CIS.

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