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Dear author!

We will publish your monograph ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Free publishing of scientific monographs, as well as any educational materials and compilations of research-based reports – it is an exclusive offer of “RuScience”, which includes publishing your work in the author's edition and a number of additional services concerning its promotion:

  • receiving an International Standard Book Number – ISBN;
  • sending free copies to the Russian Book Chamber (ITAR-TASS);
  • shortest terms of book publishing – 15 days;
  • legal framework of the treaty treaty with the author for the monograph publishing. Download the treaty;
  • author's free copy;
  • monograph promotion over a wide area of the Russian Federation;
  • payment of royalties.

We will publish your monograph:

  • in the Scientific Electronic Library – ]]>eLIBRARY]]> (that will allow the author to increase the RSCI - Russian Science Citation Index and Hirsch Index);
  • in the Electronic “Ru-Science” Library System – System of science monographs;
  • in the Electronic ]]>“BOOK.RU”]]> Library System – licensed teaching and scientific library for higher educational institutions and specialized secondary-education institutions (the electronic library includes in accordance with the GEF requirements).

In case of questions, we are ready to give you comprehensive information. Call +7 (495) 669-52-40.

Formatting your monograph

Monograph volume – from 6 to 16 author sheets (1 author sheet – 40 000 printed characters).

The original text should be in the *.doc (Word) document format and have the following characteristics:

  • A4 format;
  • document margins:
  • top margin - 5,9 cm;
  • lower margin - 6,4 cm;
  • left and right margins - 4,8 cm.
  • font: Times New Roman.

Text characteristics:

  • the size of the font - 10,5;
  • autoindent – 1 cm:
  • single-line spacing.

Compulsory text elements:

Text file should include: cover sheet, annotation, keywords, contents, list of references, list of authors with the full names, authors’ academic qualifications, as well as their places of work.

Fill the Information Cards. The Information Cards should be filled by all the authors. Compulsory file format – Excel.

The Information Card – download.

The Issue Card – download.

Подать заявку на публикацию монографии

In case of questions, we are ready to give you comprehensive information. Call +7 (495) 669-52-40.

Publishing of your scientific monograph

Finally, your work is ready, and it is permitted to hand the work off to the publishing house. A lot of publishing houses are offering such services connected with monograph publishing, including scientific ones.

But almost all of them are publishing books only for fee; it is also worth noting that printing and publishing opportunities can be completely different.

The prices can also be different, ranging from 10 to 15 thousand rubles. The electronic version is slightly cheaper, the price fluctuates between 6 and 8 thousand rubles.

One of the fundamental objectives of the “RuScience” publishing house website is to provide an opportunity to young professionals and leading Russian experts to share the results of their studies with the scientific community.

We understand that any research work involves a lot of work, immense amount of effort, time and sometimes material costs. But if you do not publish the results of your painstaking work, how will the scientific community know about them? Will the results of your scientific work be of value?

Free publishing of your scientific monograph

“RuScience” publishing house offers a free publication of monographs. This helps minimize the cost of publishing a book. It is easy to understand the importance of scientific work publishing for the author, because the process of its creation takes many years. Thanks to the publishing the results of scientific research, it is possible not only to bring our own discoveries to the scientific community, but also to earn a certain image. These services are actively used by researchers, graduate students, doctoral students, applicants.

The monograph helps to defend a doctoral dissertation, which, in turn, is nothing more than new knowledge, shown in the certain concept form. Reviewers and readers always note the degree of novelty of a concept. This is the best way to test the views of the author. Certain claims are also imposed on reviewers: they must be recognized specialists in this scientific field, and their names, positions and academic ranks should be indicated on the publication cover.

To demonstrate the novelty of the proposed concept, it is necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of the topic, an analysis of the concepts that currently exist. The best format to show the novelty of knowledge is a monograph that allows a free presentation, in contrast to the format of a doctoral dissertation, which obeys the strict rules of scientific presentation.

For the author’s record: monograph publishing

There are many definitions of the term "monograph" - it is also "a hackneyed Internet definition" - "work written by one author" and "any non-serial publication consisting of one or more volumes". The first definition can hardly be called true: the author of the monograph can be either one person or a full-fledged team of researchers. And the second definition refers to librarianship. In the case of our context, we are dealing with a scientific monograph.

So what is the definition for “a scientific monograph”?

A scientific monograph can be defined as a scientific work devoted in most cases to one topic (or several related topics). Creating a monograph, the authors analyze and summarize scientific materials on the investigated problem, put forward “fresh” hypotheses and theories that form a new look at the object and subject of research. As noted above, the authors of the monograph can be both one person and a full-fledged team of researchers.

If we talk about the official definition given in GOST standards for publishing, then a monograph is a scientific or popular science publication that contains a complete and comprehensive study of one problem or topic and is created by one or several authors.

From a formal point of view, it is irrational to strictly regulate the monograph volume, since the monograph demonstrates the results of creative scientific work, and creativity is no secret to anyone, should not be limited to a certain framework. But nevertheless, due to the passage of time monograph format exists, a standard has been formed that establishes the scientific monograph text format – at least 120 A4-pages (typeface - Times New Norman, typeface size – 14, spacing - one and a half line). The given volume is approximately 5 printed sheets (a printed sheet is a unit of measure of the work volume, that is equivalent to the area of one side of a printing paper sheet).

Before sending the paper to print, it is considered essential to review it with at least 2 reviewers with a degree in the monograph area. The information about reviewers is mandatory provided in the work output. If this information is not indicated, such a publication will not be recognized as scientific. This means that the work will not receive the status of a “scientific monograph”. Also, the rules for the design of the monograph suggest the addition of the list of references to the monograph text.

So what is the main aim of creating a monograph?

The main purpose of scientific monograph is a generalization of the information available today about the problem being studied, and the presentation of “fresh” hypotheses, solutions and theories of novelty and scientific value to the scientific community.

Publishing your monograph is an essential requirement for any degree. In fact, the monograph must reflect the dissertation content submitted for defense.

Moreover, in the scientific community there exists an unwritten rule: any long-term research work should culminate in publishing monograph including a description of the research methodology, the obtained results and also their interpretation.

But still, the main goal of creating a monograph is to publish the results of your multi-year work and present them to the scientific community, to allow evaluating and comparing the data of your research with the data of other studies in this scientific field.

After all, as we have said before, it is impossible to assess the results of your scientific work if they are gathering dust on the archives shelves.

We wish you success in your new discovers!

The “RuScience” publishing house team

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