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Статья: English nominative and the picture of the world Автор: Джиоева Алеся Александровна (Thu, 12/15/2016 - 10:53)

Автор: Джиоева Алеся Александровна
English nominative and the picture of the world

The presented monograph is devoted to the one of the most original phenomena of the English language – nominative, it describes features and character of its speech representations – nominal syntax, the ability of this phenomenon to relate and reflect ways of conceptualizing the Anglo-Saxon ethnic group world and special way to present this phenomenon by means of modern English. Taking its origins in the grammatical potential of the English noun, nominative is formed at the level of syntax, in the form of a numerous nominal chains, which spread possibility in a linear chain is theoretically infinite and is limited only by the needs of the communication process itself. This way of the noun functioning in the English language, allows to make a conclusion about the name syntax taking place in it, in other words, such juxtaposition of the nouns in speech, which leads to the original denominative structures creation and often determines the speech system. Being the important speech characteristics of the English syntax, it leads to the linguistic features formation, creating a kind of the modern English language nominative nature. Being originally inherent in only some functional styles, nominative expanding its representative sphere and becomes the common language characteristics. Based on the Wilhelm Humboldt theory that language is a way of seeing the world, conclusions about the English nominative as a special way of English-speaking ethnic group to see the world around us are made, its conceptualization in the brain and, finally, the subsequent representation of this world in language. These provisions are confirmed by direct language material and illustrate the special nominative vision of the world of the English ethnic group.

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