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Статья: Enterprise architecture Автор: Лукьянов Борис Васильевич (Thu, 09/15/2016 - 19:13)

Автор: Лукьянов Борис Васильевич
Enterprise architecture

The manual is written in accordance with a working program of the Enterprise Architecture discipline and is intended for preparation of bachelors in the Technology Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce profiles of the 080500.62 Business Informatics direction.
Methodology of enterprise architecture is currently the baseline of a system of business organization and the basis for the analysis and synthesis of it systems. Therefore, the study of theoretical principles and practical skills that make up the content of the Enterprise Architecture discipline, is a necessary condition for the formation of a Business Informatics specialist.
The textbook covers the topics of lectures and laboratory practical training of the working program of the Architecture Enterprise discipline. Laboratory and practical classes will be used to lock the provisions of the lecture course and provide students with the competence of a specialist in methodology of enterprise architecture. As an example, the architecture of livestock enterprises is discussed.

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