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Статья: Person and society Автор: Микрюков Василий Юрьевич (Wed, 03/16/2016 - 17:42)

Автор: Микрюков Василий Юрьевич
Person and society

The book deals with actual problems of man and society. It presents a coherent system of knowledge about nature and human nature, the meaning and purpose of life, human relationships, political and spiritual life of society, the global problems of the modern world. In the book there is given the detailed characteristic of the person and personality, life and activities of the government and the state, training and education, science and art.
The author reflects on what is truth, faith, intelligence, knowledge, ability, happiness, virtue, vice, nationality, nationalism, internationalism, patriotism.
This book examines biological and social components of a person's life, the historical development of society and especially its modern way.
Special attention is paid to the issues of war, religion, and the problems of the past and future of humanity, the crisis of Western civilization and the peculiarities of the Russian people, the Russian national idea and mission of Russia.
The book is intended for anyone interested in the problems of human existence and society, and who care about the future of mankind in general and Russia in particular.

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