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Статья: "Trump effect" or End of globalization? Автор: Яковлев Петр Павлович (Sat, 08/05/2017 - 17:46)

Автор: Яковлев Петр Павлович
"Trump effect" or End of globalization?

The monograph gives the analysis of the latest key trends emerging in the world economy and trade. Special attention is payed to the crisis of the existing globalisation model and to current Washington administration’s attempts to change the rules of the game and to reshape the global order. The author shows that the "Trump effect" was an important factor in the process of transformation of the world economic relations system and had a strong impact on the nature of trade and economic relations of the USA with partners in the Western hemisphere, the Asia-Pacific region and in Europe. Changing global landscape poses new challenges to Russia and other countries of the world. The monograph consideres extremely urgent problems, and it will be of interest for researchers, professors and practitioners of international economic relations.

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