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Статья: Economics of enterprise and organization management Автор: Григоренко Ольга Викторовна (Thu, 06/15/2017 - 13:52)

Автор: Григоренко Ольга Викторовна
Economics of enterprise and organization management

This study guide discusses the economic activities of the enterprise theoretical, methodological and practical questions, as well as the entrepreneurial activity on the territory of the Russian Federation. The aspects of the enterprises economic activities state regulation, organizational and legal forms, financie of the enteprises, as well as their investment activities and pricing. This study guide is intended for students enrolled in fields of study 38.03.01 "Economics", 38.03.02 "Management", 38.03.04 "State and municipal management", 38.03.05 "Business-Informatics". Can also be addressed to professors, heads of enterprises and organizations, employees of financial and analytical services; and evryone interested in the economic activities of enterprises and organizations management.

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