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Статья: Electrical control devices Автор: Аполлонский Станислав Михайлович (Mon, 08/22/2016 - 14:35)

Автор: Аполлонский Станислав Михайлович
Electrical control devices

The book includes details on the electrical control devices. It is
designed for students of electro-technical specialties of high schools, studying electronical control apparatus; for scientific and technical workers, knitting-cerned with the study of physical processes in the electrical apparatus; for the postgraduate and researchers specializing in the study of electrical control
devices, as well as for professionals involved in designing electric vehicles.
The above questions can be useful for experts studying the problem of electromagnetic compatibility and functional safety of technical devices and biological objects, as well as for a wide range of engineering and technical workers facing marked problems in power systems.

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