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Статья: Holding's means circuit information sources control Автор: Бодяко Анна Владимировна (Thu, 11/17/2016 - 14:50)

Автор: Бодяко Анна Владимировна
Holding's means circuit information sources control

Here represents theoretical and practical aspects of the concept development in scientific field – holding type business's means circuit organization of accounting and informational sources formation control.
Comparative analysis of organizational-legal forms of management from the standpoint of the network management principles is performed. The theoretical concept foundations of the "means circuit", principles and the essence of its formalization in the accounting system are described, the holding business managing processes cost concept justifies, principles of its realization and factors of security, governance of business processes on the basis of value concepts.
Also the network model of management information support objectives with business value is developed, the tendencies of planning consolidation and reporting information in the enterprise structures of holding type, the evaluation of the organizational modified components and functional mechanism for implementation of the enterprise structures strategy (on the basis of the economic value added concept (EVA).

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