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Статья: Foreign investment and joint ventures Автор: Багратуни К. Ю. (Thu, 11/17/2016 - 15:26)

Автор: Багратуни К. Ю.
Foreign investment and joint ventures

This is the study guide on the discipline "Foreign investment and joint ventures", it is designed for students in the undergraduate Program. The main purpose of tutorials is to assist students in learning the foreign investment theory and practice. The purpose of the discipline "Foreign investment and joint ventures" is to acquaint students with the theoretical foundations of the foreign investments modern process in Russia and abroad, and to instill practical skills of doing business, created by local entrepreneurs in collaboration with foreign capital. In this regard, the study guide covers a wide range of issues starting with the notion of foreign investment and their contents, gradually moving on to more practical issues of investment policy and foreign climate of the Russian Federation and the investment activity with participation of foreign capital evaluation. The manual includes self-assessment questions and examples of test methods used during practical training.
This study guide is recommended to students, graduate students, professionals, managers, theoreticians and practitioners interested in this matter.

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