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Статья: History of Russia: key problems. Part II Автор: Старостенков Н. В. (Mon, 09/05/2016 - 16:35)

ISBN: 978-5-4365-2127-5
Автор: Старостенков Н. В.
History of Russia: key problems. Part II

The 2nd part of the tutorial shows the location of 1917 in the world history; USSR in the 20-30-ies of XX century; the preparation and outbreak of the World War II and its impact on global processes; the decisive contribution of USSR to the defeat of fascism. The textbook reveals the peculiarities and tendencies of the development of USSR (Russia) at the turn of the XX and XXI centuries. The textbook complies with the federal standard of the 3rd generation. This educational edition is intended for students of educational institutions.

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