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Статья: To the top of Mount Fuji: Japanese alphabet Автор: Безус Светлана Николаевна (Thu, 08/03/2017 - 13:50)

Автор: Безус Светлана Николаевна
To the top of Mount Fuji: Japanese alphabet

This book is a guide for beginners to learn the Japanese language. The format of the copybook will allow you to learn two Japanese alphabets: hiragana and katakana, which is a prerequisite for the ability to read Japanese texts. The unit "Reading" contains exercises and basic rules of reading Japanese words. In section "The Letter" Japanese letters writing is practicing again with specific words. The manual includes a basic dictionary, consisting of about 800 words, knowing of which is necessary for passing the 5th elementary level of Nihongo proficiency test (international exam to determine the proficiency level in the Japanese language). Designed for anyone interested in Japan, Japanese culture and Japanese language.

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