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Статья: The education quality in the capital as the main educational process subjects evaluate it Автор: Касюк А Я (Fri, 12/16/2016 - 21:50)

Автор: Касюк А Я
The education quality in the capital as the main educational process subjects evaluate it

Monograph is prepared in the framework of the research project "The conduct of the activities on analytical and sociological support to the state education in Moscow development program for 2012-2016: monitoring research". This monograph studies a comprehensive sociological analysis of the pre-school, general and additional education quality in Moscow, Moscow educational system management effectiveness is studied. The research methodology is presented, the system of social indicators for education quality evaluation and its management efficiency is developed. A number of topical modern capital educational problems are studied. The implementation effectiveness of the educational development state program for Moscow in 2012-2016 is examined. Methodical, organizational and financial foundations of sociological Programme maintenance (monitoring) are developed. Recommendations to further capital education quality improvement and Moscow educational system management efficiency are proposed. Theoretical provisions and conclusions are based on the applied sociological research results, that were conducted by the sub-facultees of sociology MSLU and MUH. This monograph can be used by the Department of education in Moscow in order to improve the education quality in the capital and better educational system management in Moscow, research organizations, researchers (students, postgraduates, doctoral students) during research in the education field and while studying the course "Education sociology", "Public opinion sociology", "Communication sociology";
everyone, who is interested in the problems of education in Moscow and in Russia.

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