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Статья: The quality of services in urban economy Автор: Николаев Николай Степанович (Fri, 04/21/2017 - 04:57)

Автор: Николаев Николай Степанович
The quality of services in urban economy

A study guide is a course of lectures on the quality management at the urban economy enterprises organization. The textbook focuses on the formation of students ' system thinking, holistic approach to the analysis of management organization issues as a multifactorial phenomenon, on the ability to solve these issues on a professional level. In the training manual, the main problems of quality management of services are carefully viewes and the questions gor self-assessment are presented to simplify the process of self-study the materials on quality management. This book may be recommended for students with the specialization 080200 "Management" profile "Industrial management (urban management)", as well as for postgraduate students, researchers and practitioners engaged in research and development in the field of goods and services quality assurance.

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