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Статья: Culture as a strategic source: entrepreneurship in ciulture (v.1) Автор: Хангельдиева Ирина Георгиевна (Mon, 08/03/2015 - 12:45)

ISBN: 978-5-4365-1643-1
Автор: Хангельдиева Ирина Георгиевна
Culture as a strategic source: entrepreneurship in ciulture (v.1)

This collentive monograph is a result of research helv by the authors’ team of the Culturology and Socio-Cultural Management sub-faculty of the Enterpreneurship in Culture department of Moscow International university. The name of the monograph is not accidental. The book contains two key points: one is an applied sphere of culturological researches connected with the theory and practice of culture and communications management; the other is about how the market implies on the culture and arts in terms of permanent socio-economical determinants.
Scientific interests of the authors are various:new cultural paradigms; entrepreneurship in culture; image, reputation, brand of a region; sociocultural context; communications in arts; from the institutional monitoring of burgeois type to the search of new forms; etc.
The monograph will be of interest and use both for researchers and specialists in communications, gallery, museum and cinema businesses, as well as for high school teachers and students of comunicatology, production and sociocultural management.

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