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Статья: Logic Автор: Суханова Наталья Петровна (Wed, 10/14/2015 - 16:31)

Автор: Суханова Наталья Петровна

The present textbook is intended for studying of theoretical bases of a course of logic and the acquisition of practical skills of solving the most important types of logical targets, set in the logic studying course for students of all humnitary undergraduate program. In order to facilitate the development of logical thinking of students, the textbook provides examples from the history of science, the professional practice. Each chapter contains theoretical information, questions and assignments elated to the current chapter material.
For better absorption of the theoretical propositions of logic, students should use the appendix to the book. The appendix contains a course syllabus, the topics of seminars, literature for deeper studying, the essays topics, questions for self-checking. It also presents test items, various control works, terms and concepts that can be used to verify the degree of assimilation of course, and also to organize the course for students of all forms of training.
The textbook is addressed to students and teachers. The book can also be used by students of schools, lyceums and colleges, and will be useful for anyone studying logic on their own.

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