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Статья: Local government: methodology for the design of strategies Автор: Лукьянова Марина Николаевна (Tue, 02/16/2016 - 17:23)

ISBN: 978-5-4365-1724-7
Автор: Лукьянова Марина Николаевна
Local government: methodology for the design of strategies

The monograph was prepared within the framework of the Russian Foundation for Humanities’ research project No. 15-02-00221 "Methodology for designing strategies, developing forecasts and programs of socio-economic development of municipal formations of Russia", and systematizes studies’ results of improvement problems of forms and methods for organization of the whole complex of economic, financial, and business processes of the local self-government, creation of conditions for increasing the standard of the population living, its employment, access to social benefits, their use at the municipal level
For specialists in various commercial and non-profit entities involved in the development of design methodology of strategies and projections of future growth and creation of new patterns of functioning of local self-government, focused on his fiscal self-sufficiency, as the base for their own development within the framework of realization of the Federal law of June 28, 2014
No. 172-FL "About strategic planning in Russian Federation".

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