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Статья: Modernization of economy and management Автор: Бережной Владимир Иванович (Mon, 05/04/2015 - 21:10)

ISBN: 978-5-4365-1495-6
Автор: Бережной Владимир Иванович
Modernization of economy and management

The monograph examines the most important directions of modernization of economy and management in terms of crisis and post-crisis economy, analyzing various aspects of regional economy, economic, financial and innovative activity of economic entities in regions.
The book is addressed to scholars, high-school graduate and undergraduate students.
The opinion of the authors does not always coincide with the point of view of the editor. Publisher and editor are not responsible for the accuracy of the information published in the monograph.
At a reprint of materials the reference to this publication and the author is obligatory.

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