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Статья: Evaluation of tax allowance efficiency Автор: Гончаренко Любовь Ивановна (Sat, 07/29/2017 - 18:44)

Автор: Гончаренко Любовь Ивановна
Evaluation of tax allowance efficiency

The monograph studies urgent issues of tax allowance efficiency evaluation. Methodological and methodical approaches to the inventory and systematization of tax allowance are summarized, the practice of evaluating the effeciency of tax allowance at the Federal, regional and municipal levels of the Russian Federation and abroad are examined. The author's technique of tax allowance efficiency assessment is suggested, as well as changes in the contents of statistical and tax reporting. The monograph is intended for economists, lawyers, managers, heads and specialists of Federal agencies, administrations of regions and municipalities, as well as professors, postgraduates, graduate students and students of economic and law universities and faculties, listeners of courses of advanced studies. The monograph is created using the legal system "ConsultantPlus" as reference

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