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Статья: Ores and technogenic materials disintegration basics (theory, experiments, technology) Автор: Хопунов Эдуард Афанасьевич (Sat, 01/28/2017 - 11:56)

Автор: Хопунов Эдуард Афанасьевич
Ores and technogenic materials disintegration basics (theory, experiments, technology)

Destruction properties and characteristics studies results of manyore and technogenic raw materials types are represented here (sinter, pellets, coke, etc.). Materials selective destruction expanded interpretation, considering their properties, goals and disintegration objectives is given. The quantitative dependence of the minerals structural and physical-mechanical properties on the selective destruction characteristics for a wide group of materials. On ferrous, nonferrous and rare metals ores as well as a number of by-products example, the role selective destruction loading in the processes factors is shown. A new concept of multicomponent materials selective destruction is suggested. Examples of innovative approaches to the equipment and processes design for ores disintegration. The convergence necessity in the field of subsoil management, based on the interdisciplinary approach principles, combining different Sciences and technologies is substantiated.
This book is intended for employees of scientific - research and design organizations, mining enterprises, post-graduate students, masters and bachelors.

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