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Статья: POLITICAL MARKETING IN BANKING BUSINESS. Genetics, Law & Ethics Автор: Шидловский Алексей Валерьевич (Sat, 05/05/2018 - 12:04)

Автор: Шидловский Алексей Валерьевич

This book is a outcomes of ten-year researches of the author. It is unique because at different stages of carrying out researches scientific management was performed by outstanding scientists of Russia practically from all scientific directions – Alexander Dulin, PhD, the Doctor of Engineering, professor, the head of the department of Management of the social and economic systems of the Southern Russian State Polytechnical University, Valentina Kikhtan, PhD, the head of department of Journalism of the Rostov State Economic University, Vladimir Zaika, PhD, the Doctor of medical sciences, professor, the head of the department of psychiatry of the Rostov State Medical University, Tatyana Anopchenko, PhD, the Doctor of Economics, professor, the dean of faculty of Management of Southern Federal University, Zhanna Ovsepyan, PhD, the Doctor of Law, professor managing department of the Constitutional law of Law department of Southern Federal University. Gennady Matishov - the famous Russian scientist, the doctor of geographical sciences, professor, the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences assisted in this work.
The monograph represents a product of serious cross-disciplinary researches in such areas of scientific knowledge as Economics, Psychology, Medicine, Law, Philology and Technical science in general and can be used as the textbook for training of students of a bachelor degree and a master degree and also students in a postgraduate study in the Economics, Marketing, Management, Modelling of Social Processes, Conflictology, Sociology, Political science, Law, Psychology and Psychiatry.

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