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Статья: Political and psychological manipulation as way of legitimation of the power Автор: Андросова Ирина [node:author:field_otchestvo] (Wed, 08/09/2017 - 17:18)

Автор: Андросова Ирина
Political and psychological manipulation as way of legitimation of the power

In recent years the world press paid huge attention
to manipulation problem. One read that handling as a method
it is "more progressive" than legitimation of the power by elite, than direct enforcement.
Others believe that physical abuse is less destructive for about -
shchestvo in general, than "robotizing". The third say that in "reason -
the nykh limits" handling can be acquitted. Author of the book not
gives an assessment in the system of values "well" – "badly", and, offering Chita -
to tel most to draw conclusions, comprehensively researches process political
psychological handling (PPM), its purpose and feature
in Russia postmodern eras.
In the book elements of process of PPM as a lump are systematized -
the pleksny socio-political phenomenon, level is built
the model reflecting interdependency of elements of this process. Author
also specifies an entity and signs of manipulative communication
also reveals specifics of manipulative selective technologies.
For politicians, political scientists, figures of media, teachers,
graduate students and students of higher education institutions, scientists and experts in the field of justices -
line, economies, psychology and sociology and also for broad audience
the readers who are interested in policy issues and manipulations.

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