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Статья: Entrepreneurship: theory and Russian reality Автор: Тарануха Юрий Васильевич (Fri, 11/13/2015 - 17:26)

ISBN: 978-5-4365-1662-2
Автор: Тарануха Юрий Васильевич
Entrepreneurship: theory and Russian reality

The book is aimed at overcoming the narrowness of view on entrepreneurship. The present edition aims at the formation of:
- understanding of the true nature and content of entrepreneurship as a special type of economic behaviour,
- understanding the reasons for specific features of the Russian entrepreneurship and the characteristics of the manifestation of entrepreneurial activity in the Russian economy.
For students whose professional specialization is associated with the development of educational programmes in "Economics" and "Management". There they will be able to find rich material for the preparation of abstracts, course and diploma works. The publication will be useful to teachers of economic disciplines, as well as entrepreneurs seeking to understand the causes of the existing state and prospects of business development in the Russian economy.

Оплатить 300 руб.
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