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Статья: The problem of harmony in the context of Western culture Автор: Топчий Инна Владимировна (Mon, 08/22/2016 - 16:12)

ISBN: 978-5-4365-1994-4
Автор: Топчий Инна Владимировна
The problem of harmony in the context of Western culture

The present monograph is devoted to researching the harmony issue in West-Europe culture context. The main its senses are restored in accordance with historical and culturological analysis of theoretical concepts of harmony. The monograph describes complementarity and diversity of such concepts as “harmony”, “utopia” and “ideal”. It also describes harmony as an objective life property and as culture convention. It analyzes music, architecture, and other kinds of artistic culture harmony. It also analyzes interdependence between these kinds of artistic culture harmony. It also depicts the culturological conceptualization of arts synthesis by presenting a specific model of harmony as the unity of multiplicity. It describes ecological, social, and anthropology culture harmony as way of human’s attitude to nature, society, and him- or herself. The matter of considering harmony phenomenon as one of the main life-sensed and world outlook points depends of understanding the perspectives of European culture development. According to increasing culturological knowledge, learning ways of harmony as kind of an ideal, making the research actual in critical moments of culture and social development, analyzing harmony as way of social and culture development are very important and help to make models of modern culture development.

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