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Статья: Development of labor potential of country people of Russia Автор: Забелина Ольга Михайловна [node:author:field_otchestvo] (Mon, 08/14/2017 - 17:26)

Автор: Забелина Ольга Михайловна
Development of labor potential of country people of Russia

In modern conditions labor potential in Russia becomes one of key factors of economic growth. The Russian rural territories endure the system crisis which is shown in deterioration in a demographic situation, poverty growth, increase in unemployment rate, migration outflow of youth, deterioration in social infrastructure, etc. Authors, having predicted development of key indicators of development of agriculture, have come to a conclusion that there is an essential potential for further development of labor potential. Authors have proved the priority directions of development of labor potential of the population (preservation and promotion of health of country people; ensuring worthy quality of life of country people; stimulation of enterprise activity and self-employment; increase in educational and professional level of country people; motivation of interterritorial mobility) which realization will allow to give a new impulse to development of the agar sphere and to increase employment in economy rural farms.
The prevailing part of the Russian territory are rural territories in which nearly a third of citizens of the country lives. These territories, having solid natural, demographic, economic and historical and cultural potential, are capable to make a bigger contribution to the solution of problems of economic growth and social development of the country. However the last years testify to steady stagnation of rural territories. In this monograph the attempt to investigate the factors defining development of agar labor potential, to give the forecast of key indicators of rural employment and to prove the main directions of development of labor potential is made.
In connection with the developed disproportions between the sizes of the rural territories and number of the population living on them, the special relevance was acquired by assessment of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of labor potential. The problem of assessment of labor potential is connected to support of food security of the country and determination of potential of vocational opportunities of the population for production of necessary agricultural production. In the monograph the method of calculation of the integral index of development of labor potential (IIDLP) of country people is offered. The main result of a research is the clustering of Russian regions on the basis of an authoring method of calculation of IIRTP of country people. Authors carried out ranging of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation on three clusters: with the IIRTP high value, mean value of IIRTP and the IIRTP low value. Calculations of IIRTP of country people are executed applicable on all federal districts and territorial subjects of the Russian Federation. Results of the carried-out calculations of IRTP allow to reveal problem regions on the level of development of labor potential, to determine negative tendencies by a row of indicators that, can form a base for development of purposeful measures for mitigation and elimination of negative tendencies in the field of development of labor potential of country people. In the monograph the directions of development of agar potential agricultural the territories are justified.
The monograph is addressed to the students and listeners of economic specialties of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, experts who are interested in science methodology and also graduate students, doctoral candidates and applicants of academic degrees."

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