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Статья: Regional economic aspects of human resource management Автор: Москвитин Генадий Иванович (Thu, 06/08/2017 - 14:32)

Автор: Москвитин Генадий Иванович
Regional economic aspects of human resource management

The monograph is on the development of human resources management mechanism in modern conditions. Balanced territory development of the Russian Federation is envisaged to focus on ensuring conditions that allow each region to have necessary and sufficient resources to ensure decent living conditions of citizens, complex development and increase of competitiveness of regional economy. The monograph is intended for managers and specialists of personnel management and management branches. This collective made monograph is published in author's edition, so for the authenticity and accuracy of quotations, names, titles and other information, as well as for compliance with the laws on intellectual property are responsibility of the authors of published materials.

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