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Статья: Manual on computer programs KORALL Автор: Лукьянов Борис Васильевич (Thu, 06/04/2015 - 16:07)

ISBN: 978-5-4365-1609-7
Автор: Лукьянов Борис Васильевич
Manual on computer programs KORALL

The manual is worked out in accordance with the work program of the discipline “High-level methods of computer science and programming” and is addressed to the students of the direction 230700.62 “Applied computer science”.
The manual clarifies the need, when writing instructions for dealing with applications, to take into account the peculiarities of perception of computer software for business managers, as far as they often, due to misunderstandings of data processing algorithms hidden in the programs, distrust to the results of the calculations and recommendations formed by an information system. Therefore, when preparing the guidelines for working with the program, it is necessary to ensure transparency of the information processing algorithms and procedures of the formation of management decisions for the user. The Manual should reflect the information processes related to the user's work with the program directly, as well as the information processes hidden in the program but being of fundamental importance for understanding the reliability and validity of the results. In the manual, as a reference of implementation of such an approach, user manual for KORALL computer programs is given.
The manual can be, as well, used when teaching the discipline “Enterprise Architecture” to the students of the direction 080500.62 “Business Informatics”.

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