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Статья: Self-management Автор: Дудин Михаил Николаевич (Fri, 06/02/2017 - 06:07)

Автор: Дудин Михаил Николаевич

The purpose of this practical course is to give practical skills in modern forms and methods of individual and group behavior controlling to improve the enterprise effectiveness. The acquired knowledge and skills should provide the ability to independently and effectively solve real behavioral problems, identify the causes of insufficient enterprise effectiveness to build wise interpersonal relationships. The practical course includes situational problems, anagrams and tests, tried out by a team in the educational process. The practical course is devoted to students enrolled in economic and management professions as well as professional managers who would like to aquire knowledge in modern management: "Man as the leader and the citizen (formation of knowledge about its nature); People and environment; Theory and methodology of management." We hope that this practical course will be useful to teachers of educational institutions.

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