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Family and domestic security

Автор: Айзман Роман Иделевич
Family and domestic security

The discipline of "domestic and Family safety" considers the threat factors and ways to protect your house, apartment, cottage. Ensuring domestic security is an important part of the national security system. Knowing the basics of domestic security enables education professionals and other agencies to identify and consider different factors and threats to predict the development of threat factors and situations, to use comprehensive measures to ensure security in the society.
This manual sets out the theoretical and legal foundations of domestic security, sources, mechanisms and manifestations of social nature dangers, impact objects, classification of hazards and methods of protection from them. Much attention is paid to the prevention of social hazards, including family violence. The lack of effective organizational and legal protection from the dangers in life mechanisms dictates the need for proper training of youth. This requires parents, educators, and experts of certain knowledge on many topics of pedagogy, sociology, psychology, criminology, law. The complexity of learning, the diversity and fragmentation of teaching and learning materials in these areas, largely eliminated in this manual. The materials contained in this manual will help students and professionals studying problems of health and safety, to understand the complex security issues at the present stage of social relations development.
The manual meets the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation, new Federal state educational standards for bachelors and masters of pedagogical and other areas of education and addressed to workers of educational institutions, specialists in security, students of pedagogical universities, students of retraining and advanced training of education workers, all readers interested in personal and family safety.

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