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Статья: Power juggling with kettlebells Автор: Ануров Вадим Леонидович (Fri, 11/18/2016 - 17:26)

Автор: Ануров Вадим Леонидович
Power juggling with kettlebells

This monograph represents the authors developed theoretical and methodological provisions of the power juggling with kettlebells as form of physical well-being activity and type of kettlebell lifting. The materials on the classification and power juggling with kettlebells elements implementation technique structure are given. The basic components of many years psport training process and competition activities are examined. In a pilot study conducted at the lessons of physical culture at the University, developed technique and sports training for power juggling with kettlebells for different level preparedness students, scientifically substantiated health improvement performance. The prospects for the application of the power juggling with kettlebells exercise in the modern pedagogical technologies of physical education of students are evaluated.
For students, University professors, trainers and experts in weight-lifting and power juggling with kettlebells.

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