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Quality system of personnel management

ISBN: 978-5-4365-1690-5
Автор: Николаев Николай Степанович
Quality system of personnel management

The manual is devoted to the consideration of quality management systems, built on the basic international standards with detailed study of the role of personnel involved in the implementation of these systems. Because staff is the main link in the process of implementation and use of QMS, its active participation in the work of such systems is the key to success in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.
The manual is built using the system principle, which allows to investigate all areas of activity of the personnel in the QMS, however, focuses on the issues of goal-setting when building the QMS, assessing employee satisfaction, management tools and quality control.
The manual is intended primarily for students of a speciality "Personnel Management", as well as for teachers and students of Economics and other specialties, studying the discipline associated with quality management.

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