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Статья: Management sociology Автор: Мумладзе Роман Георгиевич (Tue, 08/16/2016 - 15:33)

Автор: Мумладзе Роман Георгиевич
Management sociology

The textbook is made in accordance with the requirements of the Federal state educational standard of higher education in the field of training 39.06.01 - "Social sciences" - "Management sociology" (the level of training of highly qualified specialists).
The tutorial discusses the theoretical foundations of sociology of management, the objects and perspectives of social management, conditions and forms of management. Russian and foreign practice at solving current social management activity issues of collectives and organizations, motivation of management activities and solutions to social conflicts. The textbook discloses issues of practical implementation of the principles, forms and methods of social management in existing conditions.
The content of the textbook will greatly assist graduate students in preparation for the qualifying examination for the candidate degree on the relevant field of study and will also be useful to anyone who studies the problems of management sociology.

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