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Статья: Improving small business development regulation in the Russian Federation Автор: Ручкина Гульнара Флюровна (Thu, 06/01/2017 - 07:13)

Автор: Ручкина Гульнара Флюровна
Improving small business development regulation in the Russian Federation

This monograph is on the small business development improvement issues in Russian Federation. Particular attention is paid to the small business development regulative legislation analysis, state support programs of the small business Institut, planned and program documents. Considerable attention is also paid to the development budget and tax regulation of small business improvement proposals, as well as to the analysis of the foreign experience on small business development regulation and its adaptation to Russian conditions. This work represents small business structural model and gives its systematic analysis, as well as cognitive model of its development scenarios. This book is intended for lawyers, economists, executive power bodies representatives, whose competence includes the regulation of small business, as well as for a wide circle of readers interested in these issues. This monograph is made in the framework of the research "Government regulation of business", performed by Financial University school under the Russian Federation government.

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