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Статья: Contemporary infrastructure of credit system Автор: Афанасьева Оксана Николаевна (Thu, 06/08/2017 - 14:35)

Автор: Афанасьева Оксана Николаевна
Contemporary infrastructure of credit system

The work is a combination of theory, practice and analysis on topical issues of modern infrastructure of the credit system. The authors consider theoretical issues of the credit system infrastructure: concept, elements, classification and role in the development of credit system institutions. Special attention is paid to the analysis of development trends, problems and peculiarities of functioning of such credit infrastructure institutions as credit bureaus (CRB), collection agencies and institutions of anti-collector activities, the rating agencies, the Deposit insurance system (including the The state Corporation "Agency on insurance of contributions" activities), credit brokers, unions and associations, the financial ombudsman, the Agency for housing mortgage lending (AHML). The work can be used by professors, scientific employees, postgraduates, graduate students, as well as additional literature for undergraduate courses related to the theory and practice of banking.

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