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Статья: Pages from Director's life Автор: Чебаненко Владимир Михайлович (Fri, 12/16/2016 - 20:20)

Автор: Чебаненко Владимир Михайлович
Pages from Director's life

...Once, while preparing the next report, I took
previously made records that were stored in attic shelves of my country house. Examining the materials, in the far corner, I came across a paper folders tied with ribbons. Open to see what was inside, I found the yellowed papers, letters and documents. Not what I was looking for.
Awkwardly tying the ribbon, I accidentally dropped one of the folders from my hands and several typewritten almost transparent tissue-paper pages fell out from it. Picking them from the floor, I automatically read the text. Before me was a page from the indictment bill in my criminal case in the city of Gorky. My first instinct was to instantly shut the damn folders and throw them in to the trash box. Then overcomed myself, I've opened the first one and began to look through pages.
From the depths of my memory surfaced long time ago events, that almost costed me my life, and the past seized me again. Many years ago, I promised myself to forget everything that happened to me. Permanently delete it from my memory and never to return. But here I am, dropped-out pages reminded me that the past is not so easy to get rid of.
It was late fall with its fallen yellow leaves, almost bare trees branches, not that warm rays of the sun, occasionally breaking through the low clouds, and frequent rains. I was on vacation and had time...

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