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Статья: Theory of Governments and Parliamentary Government Автор: Моска Гаэтано [node:author:field_otchestvo] (Sun, 03/15/2015 - 13:41)

ISBN: 978-5-4365-1499-4
Автор: Моска Гаэтано
Theory of Governments and Parliamentary Government

"Theory of Governments and Parliamentary Government" along with "The History Of Political Doctrines" and "Principles of Political Science" is a kind of "trivium" - the scientific monographs cycle outstanding Italian scientist Gaetano Mosca (1858-1941). These works are widely known among the world scientific community, and are now becoming available to Russian readers thanks to the first in the history translation into Russian language made by Professor EI The dark.
Mosca's work examines the history of occurrence, formation and development of the institutions of the European constitutional order. The study was conducted on the eve of the last century and is becoming increasingly important at the beginning of the XXI century, in the era of parliamentary crisis and the "color revolutions".
The monograph will undoubtedly arouse great interest of scientists, statesmen, political scientists, lawyers - and anyone interested in the problems of the history of the formation of modern constitutionalism and parliamentary democracy.

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