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Статья: The management of institutional innovation Автор: Ливанский М. В. (Fri, 06/02/2017 - 06:39)

Автор: Ливанский М. В.
The management of institutional innovation

One of the main tasks of the institutional theory and practice is to increase the efficiency of institutions through the creation and implementation of an institutional innovation that meets the needs of the national economy. The book offers basic principles of the institutional innovation management theory the new trend of institutional Economics, the authors describe the functions for the institutional innovation management, that bases on concepts and methods of institutional Economics, management theory, and innovation management. The monograph is intended for researchers and specialists dealing with practical issues in the institutional innovation management. The book will be useful to professors, students, graduates and postgraduates of higher educational institutions from economic and management study area learning course "Management theory", "Management", "Innovation management" and "Institutional Economics", as well as trainees of business education.

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