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Статья: Management of technosphere safety Автор: [node:author:field_fam] [node:author:field_name] [node:author:field_otchestvo] (Mon, 09/05/2016 - 14:48)

ISBN: ISBN 978-5-8044-11
Management of technosphere safety

The manual contains educational material corresponding to the three subjects: "Management of Technospheric Security", "Surveillance and Control in the Workplace" for bachelors and "Security Monitoring" masters in training "Technosphere Safety". It has a "Legal bases of labour protection, industrial and environmental safety" sectopn and the sections corresponding to the title and the content of the above disciplines.
All sections of the book were written based on the provisions of laws and other
normative legal acts in the sphere of labour, industrial and environmental safety and security in emergency situations.
This manual complies with the federal state educational standard of higher professional education of third generation for students of bachelor, specialist and master degree of technical, economic, humanitarian and legal professions. It will also be useful to managers and specialists working in the sphere of labor protection, industrial and environmental safety.

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