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Статья: Development of market institutions of regional economy ecologization Автор: Вержицкий Д. Г. (Mon, 08/03/2015 - 18:54)

ISBN: 978-5-4365-1665-3
Автор: Вержицкий Д. Г.
Development of market institutions of regional economy ecologization

The work examines the problems of forming of market institutions helping to make the economy of a region more environment-friendly. The authors have investigated the interpretations of the term “environmental market” which one can find in Russian and foreign sources. They have systematized the foreign experience in developing environmental markets and on these grounds they have found out the tearms of appearing of such institutions, described the infrastructures forming them that allow to reduce the transaction costs and to intensify the processes of environmentally-friendly goods’ turnover. The analyzis of existing approaches towards the estimation of ecological-economical systems state has shown that none of the methodics proposed doesn’t allow to estimate unambiguously the conditions of environmental markets’ development. To solve this problem authors suggest a system of parameters illustrating separate aspects of ecological-economical system, the maturity of the market infrastructure and the suitability of the existing environment for the development of environmental markets. The authors have applied the point-rating approach, which allowed them to formulate an integral parameter simplifying the process of estimation. The methodics suggested by the authors has been approven at Sybir regions; the most perspective regions for the development of inveronmental markets have been pointed out, their market infrastructure has been evaluated.
The book has been prepared resulting on the research conducted with the assistance of All-Russian social organization “Russian geographic society” within the project “Assessment of conditions for the implementation of market mechanisms for sustainable environmental development in industrialized regions”.

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