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Статья: Wave development of economy in the light of modulation of economic processes Автор: Долматова Нина Ивановна (Wed, 03/16/2016 - 17:04)

ISBN: 978-5-9901933-1-4
Автор: Долматова Нина Ивановна
Wave development of economy in the light of modulation of economic processes

This monograph shows a new pseudospherical cyclic approach to understanding economic development through a wave motion which extends to both the physical and economic phenomena. The cyclic development of interconnectedness is presented to readers through the concept of "Modulation", which is widely used in physical processes.
Modulation incorporates cyclical fluctuations not only of the natural environment but also of human origin, from individuals, groups of like-minded people, reflecting the diverse interests in the diversity of interaction, interrelation, interdependence and interpenetration. The world has become so unified and interrelated in its diversity that the destruction on thoughtlessness of any link immediately makes an uncomfortable state in the environment for all living on the planet.
The essence of modulation of wave development is the motivated activity of people aimed at meeting their diverse interests, that runs the cycles of different duration. The interrelatedness of cycles occurs through the overflow of funds through the financial market.
The monograph is intended for scientific workers, graduate students, teachers of higher school.

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