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Статья: Wave adaptation of forest stands and forest soil Автор: Мазуркин Петр Матвеевич (Tue, 10/23/2018 - 15:42)

Автор: Мазуркин Петр Матвеевич
Wave adaptation of forest stands and forest soil

Analyzed quantitative data from Ilvessalo brochures on the A. K. Cajanderi forest types and proven the wave character of the oscillatory adaptation of the tree stand to the forest floor. The statistical regularities of fluctuations of direct human intervention in the growth dynamics of pine forests on the reserve of stem wood in the bark on 241 sample area from southern Finland 1916-1918. Proven link between grades of forest types and stand age pine forests.
Tables of the growth course can be displayed by two-term formulas for changing the stock of pine stem wood, depending on the rank of the forest type and the age of the forest stand.
Shows the correlative variation of the properties of forest soils on more than 600 samples of soil in layer of 20 cm Dynamic typology of quantitative relations between the parameters of the forest stand and soil characteristic in a normal Mature pine forests. The revealed regularities showed that the average data on seven types of forest and six soil indicators can be combined with the table
the course of growth of pine forests from 10 to 150 years.
The technique of estimation of the need of forest soil for nutrients from the predicted reserve of pine forests is shown. Replacement of forest types with soil indicators is possible by age dynamics. Finding the best biochemical indicator of forest type revealed calcium oxide and then total nitrogen. To 30 years the pine stands, there are oscillatory biochemical disturbance with strong turbulence surface-
For researchers, doctoral and postgraduate students in the areas of Geoecology and environmental management, forestry specialists, as well as future bachelors and masters of land management and cadastres, environmental management, environmental protection.

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