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History of development of domestic industrial bioenergy

Автор: Панцхава Евгений Семенович
History of development of domestic industrial bioenergy

The history of industrial bioenergy (use of all types of biomass, including peat, for energy production) in Russia begins with the first Russian power plants on peat. The formation and development of domestic energy is inextricably linked with its founder – Robert Eduardovich Klasson (1868-1926). Klasson R. E.-Soviet electrical engineer, head of construction of a number of power plants, the Creator of the hydraulic method of peat extraction. Klasson R. E. participated in the preparation of the GOELRO plan. His developments, plans, ideas remain in demand in many countries of the former USSR.
Russia was the first country in the world where the state project "GOELRO Plan" for the first time gave "green street" to creation of industrial power plants on biofuel.
The essence of the GOELRO plan was the revival and subsequent development of the economic and industrial potential of the country. The plan examines in detail the impact of electrification on the growth of labor productivity in the national economy, reveals the role of electrification in the development of industrial production, construction, transport and agriculture.

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