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Статья: Current trends in the monetary sector Автор: Малкина Марина Юрьевна (Tue, 11/20/2018 - 15:19)

Автор: Малкина Марина Юрьевна
Current trends in the monetary sector

The monograph examines theoretical and practical issues of functioning and development of the Russian monetary system. Russia's experience in this field is considered taking into account the basic theoretical concepts and best foreign practices. The fundamentals of building effective monetary systems are studied: goals, tools and regimes of monetary regulation, mechanisms of money supply formation and management of the money supply structure, channels of monetary emission impact on the real sector of the economy, principles and content of the refinancing system. Analyzed
the current state of the monetary sphere of the Russian Federation, taking into account the main macroeconomic trends in the Russian economy. The ways of improvement of monetary regulation are offered. Particular attention is paid to the study of the features of the Russian banking system in modern conditions, institutional changes in it, the problems of risk management and profitability of the banking sector.

The monograph is of interest to the scientific and academic community, management and analytical services of credit institutions and monetary authorities.

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