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Diagnostics of financial stability

ISBN: 978-5-4365-3215-8
Автор: Господарчук Галина Геннадьевна
Diagnostics of financial stability

The textbook outlines the methodological foundations of the diagnostics of financial stability. The basic concepts used to assess the level of financial stability are presented and analyzed. The main indicators of diagnostics of market and institutional financial stability and algorithms for their calculation are considered. On the basis of these indicators, an analysis of the financial stability of the Russian economy has been carried out, both as a whole and in terms of segments of the financial market and economic sectors. The advantages and disadvantages of individual groups of indicators in terms of their practical applicability and objectivity of the conclusions on the results of diagnostics are shown.
The manual is intended for researchers, specialists and graduate students conducting research in the field of finance, money circulation and credit; as well as for undergraduates studying in the direction of "Finance and Credit", in the preparation of final qualifying works and the study of the discipline "Financial markets and financial institutions".

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